Mitigating Vulnerability Contexts in Livelihoods
Saturday, 03 September 2011 08:40
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Disaster preparedness or mitigation (DMP) implies that one might drop into a 'relief mode', and possibly that development principles of participation and framed entry might not be applied. Recent thought has embedded what used to be DMP into ongoing Livelihoods analysis. We subscribe to this shift, since it reflects our approach. We therefore talk about mitigating the vulnerability context of Livelihoods.

Gamos Associate Consultants have experience from a variety of programmes both in Africa, South East Asia and Central America. Particular specialisms have included Food Security and Early Warning with clients working in Sub Saharan Africa; Preparedness and Mitigation for fast impact disasters such as hurricanes and cyclones; the training of senior managers and trainers in disaster preparedness and mitigation in conjunction with Cranfield University; and risk and vulnerability assessments. The consultants have been actively involved in the development of an influential environmental manual with Gibb consultants; the training of trainers materials for the Oxford Centre for Disaster Studies and the University of Cranfield.


Projects include:

Mar 00 Jul 00 , Gibb, Services on the European Commissions Environmental Integration Manual