Gamos Contributes to Expert Consultation Concerning e-Agriculture Framworks
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In early 2010 Gamos was invited to by the FAO and IICD to contribute to a series of meeting and the subsequent development of new conceptual frameworks and guidelines to assist those seeking to exploit the many benefits of ICTs for agricultural development.


447648598 eec6b47da0_mThe initial workshop objectives included (i) reviewing the exiting material and frameworks related to ICTs and e-agriculture and identify gaps in the literature (ii) develop these missing elements and (iii) create guideline as to the effective use of these materials. These outputs were designed to target policy makers , rural service provider, civil society and community actors and development practitioners. Furthermore they are designed to overcome the weaknesses of past models that resisted universal adoption through being either too complex, donor or context specific or ideologically driven.

As well as attending the expert consultation at the Hague, Gamos contributed specifically to the guidelines drawn up for successful monitoring and evaluation. The outputs of these consultations are due to be published soon.

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